Your Amazing trip!

Let’s make something beautiful together.

Can you imagine yourself in the most beautiful city in the world, in the most adventurous and fun country on the planet, having the best time of your life? Well, good news, I can make it work and I am happy to host you!

But of course trips come in all shapes and sizes, like people do! I am happy to take you by the hand (or hands!) and navigate you through the huge loads of offerings from this continent.

This is just an example itinerary for a 12 day trip, but the Travel Agency I work closely with can put together whatever you want! For this trip your costs will be roughly USD 3,500 per person, excluding your flight ticket, starting from around USD 1,200 per person. Sounds like a good deal to me!

Radisson Red Hotel Cape Town

Day 1

YES, you have made it; a 10 + hour flight to Cape Town, most probably with your face mask on, but at least you are here now!

Me or a good friend will pick you up from the airport and bring you to one of the most stunning hotels in Town; The Radisson RED Hotel. This brand new hotel, right at the famous and vibey Waterfront will at least make sure you have a good night’s rest because of your huge bed. That is if you want to sleep of course 😊 And look at this roof terrace, to die for!

Day 2 – Day 5

Ready to relaxed in the most vibrant city on Earth? Let’s go! I am happy to show you the iconic Table Mountain (by foot or cable car), the always amazing V&A Waterfront with restaurants, shops and bars and of course we can take the boat to Robben Island!

To top it off we can visit the super cool bars and clubs in Bree Street (La Parada is amazing!), or let’s go to Jazz Night at Asoka on Kloof Street. If you are up for something even more adventurous, we should go and get together at Epicure, a proper Adult Club.

Day 6 – Day 10

After your revitalizing time in Cape Town there is so much more to explore. Obviously a visit to Africa isn’t a real visit if you haven’t seen some animals, even though you might have spotted some pink elephants in the streets of Cape Town after our parties 😊

I am happy to book you on a flight, to one of the most stunning safari destinations in the country. A trip to the bush is unforgettable, especially now when the African bushveld has been untouched due to the pandemic! Check out My Most Fun Safari Experiences Ever on my blog.

After this amazing experience it’s time to say goodbye to Africa, to all of the lovely people you met and to the monkey that is eating your last breakfast right now. Please come back soon, your African friends, including me are waiting for you!

“Hannah is super fun and open minded. She knows all the great places in South Africa and will make sure you have the best time ever!”


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