The Kinkiest Bed in Town

Did you know that when travelling through South Africa you can find yourself different beds? No really? Yes!! That outdoor one from where you can see the stars, the one that caresses your naked body at one of the nudist resorts and that fluffy one, warm enough for winter while on safari. The Hottest andContinue reading “The Kinkiest Bed in Town”

Gimme fun, Jo’Anna! My weekend getaway to Johannesburg

While Cape Town has the beauty of its natural surroundings, the Mediterranean vibe, the relaxed lifestyle, bla bla bla… I do sometimes miss the roughness of a real city. Johannesburg, give it to me! Melville I started my short journey in Melville, a quaint and green suburb in Johannesburg North. I couldn’t help but visitContinue reading “Gimme fun, Jo’Anna! My weekend getaway to Johannesburg”

My Happiest and Hottest Tubs in South Africa

Inspired by my friends who build hot tubs themselves (yes, you are now supposed to click on their website), I decided to write about some more options to submerge your naked body in. Africamps With their all-self-made canvas tents and their woodfired hot tubs the Africamps locations are always a huge success for a weekendContinue reading “My Happiest and Hottest Tubs in South Africa”

The Best Places to Get Naked in South Africa

After wearing a mask for over a year don’t we all feel the need to breathe, let our lungs enjoy some fresh air again and let the sun kiss our damaged lips? 😊 So why not go all the way out and take a bit more pieces of clothing away. I was happy to investigateContinue reading “The Best Places to Get Naked in South Africa”