The Sexiness of an African Safari

It’s a new year, a better year! According to Astrologists we are going to see a shift to a more friendly world soon. More friendly, more natural, more at peace. We homo sapiens should appreciate this beautiful world just a bit more, in my humble opinion. So, just the more reason to get your sexyContinue reading “The Sexiness of an African Safari”

Please Do Disturb – The Sexiest Hotel in Africa

Nakedness at the pool is encouraged, a Please Do Disturb sign on your door, a naughty party to attend in the evening… not very common words to put in a hotel ad, but Epicure Club isn’t like all the other hotels in Cape Town. And I am happy to put these uncommon words out there,Continue reading “Please Do Disturb – The Sexiest Hotel in Africa”

The Kinkiest Bed in Town

Did you know that when travelling through South Africa you can find yourself different beds? No really? Yes!! That outdoor one from where you can see the stars, the one that caresses your naked body at one of the nudist resorts and that fluffy one, warm enough for winter while on safari. The Hottest andContinue reading “The Kinkiest Bed in Town”

A rather interesting date with Liza, another naughty club in town

While I am normally quite swift with my words and know what to write, I needed at least a 10 km walk on Table Mountain this morning to overthink this blog. And then another stroll on Lion’s Head to really get my typing going. Because last night left me wondering; will I go back orContinue reading “A rather interesting date with Liza, another naughty club in town”

Gimme fun, Jo’Anna! My weekend getaway to Johannesburg

While Cape Town has the beauty of its natural surroundings, the Mediterranean vibe, the relaxed lifestyle, bla bla bla… I do sometimes miss the roughness of a real city. Johannesburg, give it to me! Melville I started my short journey in Melville, a quaint and green suburb in Johannesburg North. I couldn’t help but visitContinue reading “Gimme fun, Jo’Anna! My weekend getaway to Johannesburg”

My Happiest and Hottest Tubs in South Africa

Inspired by my friends who build hot tubs themselves (yes, you are now supposed to click on their website), I decided to write about some more options to submerge your naked body in. Africamps With their all-self-made canvas tents and their woodfired hot tubs the Africamps locations are always a huge success for a weekendContinue reading “My Happiest and Hottest Tubs in South Africa”

The Best Places to Get Naked in South Africa

After wearing a mask for over a year don’t we all feel the need to breathe, let our lungs enjoy some fresh air again and let the sun kiss our damaged lips? 😊 So why not go all the way out and take a bit more pieces of clothing away. I was happy to investigateContinue reading “The Best Places to Get Naked in South Africa”

How my wallet also enjoyed my Erotic Night out

It’s a hard life… checking out Night clubs, dancing with tight heels on and drinking lots of alcohol to get in the mood. I mostly regret it in the morning, but I seem to recover quicker and quicker nowadays 😊 I wanted to check out Lush for some time now. This Adult Club can beContinue reading “How my wallet also enjoyed my Erotic Night out”

My favorite people around me

It’s not easy… living far far away from your family, but I have obviously put myself in this situation (and with no regrets whatsoever), so friends are important. Good friends, beautiful friends and most of all friends I can rely on. I would love to introduce them to you, they all contribute in their uniqueContinue reading “My favorite people around me”

A ready-made plan for your party week in Cape Town

Hey, you came to party! So let’s party… a whole week long if you want to! I made it easy for you and have planned your week ahead… so you don’t really have to think, or plan, or book, or do, or think anything…. just saying 😊 Monday All right, fair enough, let’s not startContinue reading “A ready-made plan for your party week in Cape Town”