3 reasons why you should visit South Africa as soon as possible

Yup, I really came up with 3 reasons, but honestly, I could go on forever. What is not to love about this amazing country, it’s people and its vibe. Come and experience for yourself, after I have convinced you with the best reasons. And come rather sooner than later, because who knows what will happen in the future!

Value for money

With the South African currency, the Rand, being on an all-time low at the moment your hotel, restaurant, day trip and fun are just a fraction of the prices you normally claim from your credit card. We like!

Summer in winter

Soak up the African sun and get in your swim gear when your friends in the Northern hemisphere are freezing cold. The average temperature in Cape Town summer (Oct – Mar) is between 23 – 33 ºC (73 – 91 ºF). In the rest of the country the temperatures are even higher.


Because of many laws still being open to – let’s say – “own interpretation”, South Africa is the ultimate playground to live out your fantasies, without too many rules to adhere to. So come fast before any rules will be written down. Cheers to that!

Photo by Kampus Production on Pexels.com

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